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Sydney has been representing a party to a divorce

About Us:

Sydney criminal lawyers for 16 years, located in Annadale, South Australia, just a few kilometers from Sydney has been representing a party to a divorce, child custody battle, child support issues, and allegations of abuse and neglect.

There are around 120,000 marriages in Australia each year and roughly half of those end in divorce.

And divorces are never easy, both emotionally and financially. In particular when roughly 47 percent of all divorces involve children under the ages of 18.

Naturally, as divorce lawyers Sydney, we will fight for your rights in court, and we have an excellent track record of getting appropriate child support, spousal maintenance, and custody of the minor children.

And although some divorces are acrimonious, they do not have to be. At our divorce lawyers are compassionate as well as practical.

We recognize that in a great many divorces, there is no major ill-will between the two parties. They have simply drifted apart. Therefore, whenever possible, while defending your rights, be also try to take the other party’s feelings into consideration.

Whenever possible, we attempt to practice compassionate, communal divorce, child support, child custody, and spousal maintenance law. We recognize that long after the divorce is finalized, that the separated couples may have many events such as working out child custody arrangements where being compassionate, as well as tough, works best for both parties.

At, you do not have to choose between a tough lawyer looking after your interests and a compassionate lawyer who will make things easier for both parties. YOu can have both.